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Sales Engineer Job Duties
1. Prepare purchasing plan according to the application of each department;
2. Responsible for the inquiry price comparison of the materials to be purchased and tracking the progress of the order, and make a retroactive record;
3. Analyze and compare according to the supplier's supply quality, price, reputation, etc., reasonably select suppliers, and establish stable supply channels;
4. Participate in the quality review of suppliers;
5. Do a good job of statistics and prepare various reports in a timely manner;
job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or management;
2. More than three years of purchasing experience in the mechanical and electronic industries, working experience in foreign companies and large manufacturing enterprises is preferred;
3. Can understand product parts drawings, be familiar with product processing technology and perform cost analysis;
4. Have good negotiation and communication skills, be familiar with supplier management methods and skills, and be able to carry out supplier quality improvement work independently and effectively;
5. Proficient in purchasing process, skilled in using ERP and related office software, good sense of responsibility and professionalism, integrity and integrity.
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Job Responsibilities
1. Pay attention to government policy developments, and collect government support policies from various functional departments (Economic and Information Commission, Science and Technology Commission, Development and Reform Commission, and Business Commission); collect industry policy information and study industry policies related to the company's business and industry development.
2. Responsible for various government technology project declarations, obtain company-related project declaration information, organize and coordinate company resources, prepare project declaration materials, and carry out all aspects of project establishment, declaration, review, acceptance, etc .; complete declaration tasks To track project progress.
3. Establish and maintain cooperative relations with relevant government departments, coordinate internal and external public relations, create a good internal and external environment for the company's development, and strive for favorable resources.
4. Maintain good interaction with relevant departments during project execution, track project progress, be responsible for project information transmission and data collation at all stages, and supervise project progress.
job requirements
1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, science and engineering is preferred;
2. More than 3 years working experience in related positions; manufacturing company related working experience is preferred; those with the following technology project application experience are preferred (such as high-tech enterprise certification, Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai famous brand product, innovation fund, technical reform Project, Shanghai Academician Expert Workstation, etc.);
3. Strong writing ability, with strong ability to organize materials, and be able to complete the preparation of relevant application materials efficiently;
4. Proficient in the declaration process of government science and technology projects and the specification of government science and technology project documents; proficient in the application and filing system of science and technology projects;
5. Good communication skills, clear thinking, strong learning ability, serious and responsible, proactive, and good teamwork spirit.
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