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Construction machinery industry

Construction machinery industry

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Construction machinery



China's construction machinery industry has continued to recover since the third quarter of 2016, mainly due to the increase in downstream fixed asset investment and the low base effect of sales in the previous year.

3. The national three standards are enforced. After more than four years of industry adjustments in the construction machinery industry, indicators such as equipment operating hours, gross profit margin, and debt ratio have basically stabilized, profitability has begun to recover, and the overall sector adjustment has basically ended, stimulated by good sales data and favorable overseas policies. The industry's value center of gravity has gradually increased. At the same time, the natural elimination cycle of machinery has also slowly restored the industry. From the peak of equipment sales in 2008 to the present, a large number of equipment needs to be replaced. In addition, as the "Belt and Road" accelerates, the construction machinery industry will usher in new development opportunities. .


Laser cutting machines have been widely used in the construction machinery industry 10 years ago. They are mainly used for cutting and cutting of concrete, cranes, road machines, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire machinery, sanitation machinery and other products. As of March 2017, Sany Heavy Industry has used 65 laser cutting machines and more than 100 plasma cutting machines, including more than 60% of Youshun laser laser equipment and 40% of plasma equipment. All Zoomlion laser cutting machines come from Youshun laser.


As a pioneer in cutting and welding in the laser industry, Youshun Laser vigorously promotes the application of flat laser cutting machines, 3D laser cutting machines, bevel laser cutting machines and laser pipe cutting machines in the industry, and provides a wide range of industry solutions to help Enterprises improve production efficiency, improve technological level, quickly respond to market changes, and enhance the competitiveness of products in increasingly competitive markets.


Program recommendation :

Ultra-wide and large-format WALC plane laser cutting machine

● It solves the side bending deformation of the plasma flame cutting and the cross-section taper of the plasma cutting, which improves the product accuracy.

● A 45-55 degree bevel is directly transferred to the welding station by the bevel laser cutting machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces labor, shortens the production cycle and improves the product quality.


Bevel cutting real samples


 Fiber laser cutting machine processing advantages
      ● low production costs, less consumption of consumables, maintenance-free; 
      ● industrial modular design, reliable performance, can work 24 hours 
      ● relatively small slotted plasma equipment, no thermal deformation, straight non-tapering section , Can be co-edged cutting.


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