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Fitness equipment industry

Fitness equipment industry

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Fitness Equipment


Fitness equipment is a product often contacted by people who pursue fashion and love life. In recent years, the fitness equipment industry

It has been greatly improved, and the user experience standards for aerobics and strength equipment have become higher and higher. Gym investors pay more attention to product details when purchasing fitness equipment products.


In fitness equipment products, the application of pipes is very common, and many connections are connected by intersecting lines. The traditional processing method is realized by using a band saw, a drilling machine, and a special milling machine. This method can neither guarantee beauty nor Can not guarantee accuracy, but also takes up a lot of labor costs and time costs for clamping and transfer of labor and materials.


Scheme recommendation

Due to the large number of processing of the pipe in the fitness equipment industry, it is often necessary to cut and punch the pipe. The laser can cut traditional or shaped pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, oval pipes, bread pipes, and D-shaped pipes. The advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, and short product production cycle have become standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the fitness equipment industry.


Youshun laser LT7535 automatic pipe production line equipment (optional automatic loading and unloading, bevel cutting function and robot automatic palletizing)

● Bundle automatic loading, optional robotic automatic palletizing can completely say goodbye to high intensity and high load labor;

Fully flexible cutting, efficient processing of various trajectories and various pipes, no secondary positioning, high accuracy;

Equipped with laser marking function, providing direct convenience for production management;

● The new German standard SIEMENS840Dsl full CNC system is equipped with high dynamic response and good stability.

Processing advantages

● Reduce production costs, reduce labor and material conversion, replace traditional cutting methods, no clamping, and no secondary processing of workpieces

● Good processing effect, fully flexible processing, can cut various trajectory contours

● The laser marking function is conducive to product tracking and recording. The marking function can produce product drawing numbers and production numbers, which is convenient for production management, warehouse management, and logistics distribution.

● Adding added value can make the product look higher grade. Increase awareness of product brands

● High precision equipment, full CNC machining mode, high precision, low coordination clearance, which greatly facilitates the next automatic welding production line for robots.

● Stable and reliable performance, can work continuously for 24 hours, and the maintenance-free time of the laser is more than 20,000 hours

Wide temperature adaptation range (5 ℃ —45 ℃), widely applicable to production in various industries 

● High degree of automation. The optional pipe cutting machine equipped with automatic loading and unloading functions can realize fully automated production, automatic bundling and loading, automatic clamping, automatic length measurement, automatic loading, and optional automatic picking and stacking by robot .


Laser cutting pipe

Cut tube sample

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