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How to dust plasma cutting industry

How to dust plasma cutting industry

(Summary description)

How to dust plasma cutting industry

(Summary description)


  In the plasma cutting industry, Falila is more mature in using many different types of dust removal systems. According to different customer groups and their different needs, Faliley has a variety of dust removal options to choose from, and its main plasma cutting soot management methods mainly have the following three directions:


  I. Water bed treatment

  The water bed treatment method is to install a water storage working platform in the lower part of the cutting machine, so that the workpiece being cut is completely underwater, and the cutting operation is completed underwater, so that the smoke and dust generated by the cutting are captured by the water, thereby improving the processing area. Working environment. The treatment method is used to purify and cut smoke. Metal oxide dust is liable to cause compaction under water, and it is difficult to remove the compacted dust.


  Faliley has three different water bed forms to suit different customer needs.

  First, the water surface lifts the water bed: The water bed contains a closed air box. By blowing air into the air box, the water is discharged so that the water surface does not cross the surface of the steel plate. When picking up dropped parts or cutting non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, it can release the air inside the air box and lower the water surface.  

  Second, the drilling water bed: This water bed has a special design for the water bed on which steel plates are laid, and the frame module is designed to prevent the cutting board of the traditional water bed from damaging the cutter.  

  Third, the water tank type water bed: This water bed is different from the water surface lifting water bed, and does not contain a closed air tank. The water surface height is fixed, and the water surface height can only be adjusted through the water inlet and outlet. But its simple manufacture, low cost and easy maintenance, it is suitable for customers who do not need to lift the water surface and do not have high requirements.


  Second, semi-dry processing

  The semi-dry processing method uses a semi-dry workbench with a dust collector, etc. The semi-dry workbench stores a small amount of water in the lower part, and the upper cutting board of the upper frame module is high, forming a ventilation duct. This dust removal method has a good dust removal effect, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and high penetration rate. It is a dust removal method commonly used by many customers. For different customers, it is subdivided into the following different forms. 

  First, blowing and suction type: one side uses a blower to blow air, and the other side uses an air duct to blow air. It is suitable for customers who require a wide cutting format, mainly due to low cost and small footprint.  

  Second, double-suction type: the air is exhausted at the same time on both sides, which is suitable for customers with wide cutting width and high requirements for dust removal.  

  Third, the dust collector removes dust: the plasma dust at the terminal enters the dust collector, and the dust collector completes the treatment of the plasma dust, and then discharges the processed gas to the atmosphere. The dust collector has a good dust removal effect, and is suitable for customers with high environmental protection requirements and convenient dust handling.  

  Fourth, the dust extraction of the exhaust fan: the plasma dust at the terminal is drawn out by the exhaust fan and introduced into the pool, so that the plasma dust is absorbed by the water. The dust removal method has low manufacturing cost, low maintenance cost and convenient maintenance.


  Third, the dry method  

  The dry processing method is to install a dry working platform under the cutting machine, configure a set of cutting dust collectors, and directly transfer the dusty flue gas generated during cutting to the purifier for processing. This treatment method does not produce secondary pollution during the purification process, and the dust is easy to clean. It is suitable for the purification of various metal cutting soot and meets indoor and outdoor emission standards. The methods of soot capture can be divided into the following types.  

  First, blowing and suction type: This method is the same as the blowing and suction type in the semi-dry processing method.  

  Second, double suction: This method is the same as the double suction in the semi-dry processing method.  

  Third, the central damper type: The smoke and dust capture method is to set a central damper in each module in the working platform. When the plasma cutter cuts, the damper in the area opens to complete the ventilation. This method has good ventilation effect and low cost, and is suitable for customers with small cutting formats.  

  Fourth, the side damper type on both sides: the principle of the central damper type is the same, which is completed by opening the damper in the cutting area, but it has two dampers, suitable for customers with a wide cutting width, and the work platform maintenance in this way Convenient and easy to repair.


  The three plasma cutting smoke and dust management methods introduced above are more mature and widely used dust removal methods. Compared with other equipment manufacturers' dust removal methods, they have more choices and wider applicability.


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