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Laser cleaner

Product brand: Yosoon
Product name: laser cleaner
Product no. : YS-C100R series
Product power: 100 w / 200 w / 500 w / 750 w / 1000 w
Processing area: is optional
Processing customization: customizable
Logo printing: can be printed
Product features
Technical parameters
Application industry

Applicable materials:

Removal of resin, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, platings, oxides, paint, welds on the surface of objects
Laser cleaning machine advantages:
Compare items Laser cleaning Chemical cleaning Mechanical polishing Dry ice cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning
Cleaning method Laser, non-contact Chemical cleaning agent, contact Mechanical / Sandpaper, Contact Dry ice, non-contact Cleaning agent, contact
Workpiece damage no damage Damage Damage no damage no damage
Cleaning efficiency high low bottom in in
Consumables Just power on Chemical cleaning agent Sandpaper, grinding wheel, whetstone, etc. dry ice Special cleaning fluid
Cleaning effect Excellent, cleanliness Fair, uneven Fair, uneven Excellent, uneven Excellent, small clean range
Precision cleaning Precise and controllable, high precision Uncontrollable, poor accuracy Uncontrollable, average accuracy Uncontrollable, poor accuracy Cannot specify range cleaning
Safety / Environment Pollution-free Chemical pollution polluted environment Pollution-free Pollution-free
Manual operation Simple operation, handheld or automated The process flow is complex and requires high operator requirements, and pollution prevention measures are required. Consumption of manual labor is very hard, and pollution prevention measures are required Simple operation, handheld or automated Simple operation, but requires manual consumables
Cost input High first investment, no consumables, low maintenance costs Low first investment and extremely high consumable costs High first investment, low labor cost of consumables Medium investment for the first time, high cost of consumables Low initial investment and medium cost of consumables;
model YS-C100 YS-C200
power 100w 200w
Moving way Push Push
Scan width 10-80mm 10-80m


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content parameter
Supply voltage Single-phase 220V + 10%, 50 / 60Hz AC
Machine power consumption 800W
Environment Flat, no vibration, no impact
Working temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Working environment humidity ≤80%
Cleaning head weight 2Kg
Fiber length 5m (10m can be customized)
B 140Kg
Size 850mmx 700mmx 880mm


主要应用于:升降机及户外清洗行业 、船舶业、汽车配件、橡胶模具 、高端机床 、 轮胎模具、轨道环保行业等等。


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