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Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the quality and safety management of the construction of the plant renovation project;
2. Responsible for the daily production of construction logs for the renovation project, collecting photos and video data of the construction site
3. Organize engineering drawings, contracts and related documents;
4. Work contact with foreign related engineering units.
job requirements
1. College degree or above, related majors in construction engineering;
2. Have more than 2 years of construction site experience;
3. Familiar with office software and CAD;
4. Integrity, hard work, proactive, and strong coordination skills.

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for product quality control throughout the entire production process from samples to mass production, seeking to improve product quality through testing, control and improvement processes;
2. Formulate and improve QC Plan during new product development, perform sample confirmation, and resolve quality issues during NPD;
3. Maintain the normal production of the product line, timely confirm and resolve the abnormal quality of the production line, track the implementation of improvement measures and confirm the improvement effect
4. Handle abnormal quality and complaints from customers in a timely manner;
5. Develop various quality-related inspection standards and documents;
6. Implementation and promotion of quality project improvements to reduce quality costs;
7. Other tasks assigned by leaders.
job requirements
1. Bachelor's degree, major in mechanical or mechatronics;
2. Proficiency in Office, CAD or Soildwork is preferred;
3. More than three years of work experience as a quality engineer, familiar with welding, machining, assembly and other process quality control, proficient in quality management tools such as SPC, FMEA, Control plan, 8D, 5Why and their applications;
4. Possess strong ability of image recognition and engineering analysis, familiar with the use of related measuring tools;
5. Clear thinking, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong hands-on ability, strong teamwork spirit and strong communication skills.
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Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the design of medium and high power switching power supplies;
2. Responsible for the design of forward, flyback, half-bridge and full-bridge inverter topologies;
3. Responsible for the selection and calculation of power devices;
4. Responsible for the design and calculation of high-frequency transformers and inductors;
5. Mastery of PFC control technology is preferred.
job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, mechanical and electrical related majors, English level 4;
2. Familiar with analog and digital circuit technology;
3. Proficiency in related design software (such as: PROTEL / AUTO CAD);
4. Understand MCU, DSP, ARM and other arithmetic processors and their peripheral circuits;
5. A certain understanding of inverter power supply control or welding power supply technology and hardware circuit is preferred.
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Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the testing of hardware products to ensure the quality of testing and the smooth progress of testing.
2. Participate in the improvement and formulation of hardware testing technologies and specifications.
3. Design test circuit and develop related hardware test tools.
4. Write a hardware test plan and analyze the test results.
5. Assist hardware R & D engineers to participate in hardware development.
job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, computer, communication, electronics and related majors;
2. Requires good electronic circuit analysis ability, good learning and communication skills, and team spirit;
3. Familiar with the following instruments and equipment: multimeter, oscilloscope, electronic load, storage recorder, digital bridge, pressure tester, surge generator, high and low temperature box, conductivity meter, thermal imager, EFT group pulse generator, etc .;
4. Understand common switching power supply topology circuits;
5. More than two years of relevant work experience.
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