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Circuit debugging methods and experience summary

Circuit debugging methods and experience summary

(Summary description)

Circuit debugging methods and experience summary

(Summary description)


  First, design the circuit according to the existing conditions and learned knowledge, so that you can make progress. Never copy the circuit diagram on the Internet. References to individual places are normal, but do not copy them overall.

  2. Select chips based on the overall framework of your design. For example, the power supply is concerned about whether the current can be achieved, the attention of the op amps, the supply voltage, distortion, slew rate, and bandwidth. A waste, on the contrary, for example, if you want 10M bandwidth, you choose an 10M op amp. The 10M of the op amp is achieved in its own laboratory under unique conditions. It is actually difficult to achieve in your circuit .  

  Third, the design schematic diagram, each chip must be drawn according to the data sheet of their official website, otherwise the consequences caused by the inaccurate data are very serious.  

  Fourth, design the PCB diagram. The main concern here is not to draw the wrong chip package, especially the patch. If it is a straight insertion, the welding hole must be large, otherwise after the multilayer board is made outside, it cannot be inserted, which is unlucky. The layout of the wiring here is a university question, not detailed here. To briefly mention, the signal flow direction must be a flow direction, and it must not be looped, otherwise the interference will be very large; the large-current power line is thick and short, and the bottom line cannot be parallel to the power line.  

  Fifth, after the production is completed, the welding must be careful. If there are multiple power supplies on the board, make sure the power supply system is done, and then get other functional chips. Otherwise, you have the functional chips first, and then the power supply chips will not work, which may cause the chips to burn. The best thing is that the pin soldering is done carefully, and many problems are caused by soldering. So after soldering, don't rush, don't rush to power on, first check that all the pins have been soldered. It is a good choice to use a test diode on the multimeter.  

  6. Welding must be tested at the first level. Do not test after all the welding is completed. At that time, it is difficult to find the problem at any level.  

  7. If you follow the above steps, except for high-frequency signals, everything else is OK.


  What if something goes wrong?  

  First, check the schematics to see if they are correct. This is wrong. Any debugging you do is useless.  

  Second, if there is no problem with the schematic, then check whether the power supply is normal (be careful not to power on, the test here is to see if it is connected)  

  Third, if there is no problem with the power supply, then check whether there are problems with other circuit connections.  

  Fourth, if there is no problem with the circuit connection, then the two options are either to turn on the power and see if the current is normal, and then the voltage regulator is limited again; or solder the chip first and check whether the power is normal (if there is voltage Chip words).  

  Fifth, to sum up, the circuit is wrong. It is nothing more than the following: 1. Principle error 2. Power supply error 3. Connection error 4. Severe interference (at high frequency).


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